Who We Are

We are the world’s first and only website dedicated to limousine service reviews! From our own poor experiences of trying to find solid reviews of limousine services on the big aggregator sites like Yelp, we realized that there was a serious gap in the existing review industry that needed to be filled. Instead of sitting around complaining (well…more than usual anyway) or writing nasty letters (…ditto here), we decided to get off our butts and design our own site for compiling quality reviews of limousine services around the world.

We believe that review sites provide a powerful platform for consumers to share information and get the best products and services for their money. It is important to us that consumers have quality information available for all their important purchases, not just for restaurants and hotel rooms. We wanted to provide people with a detailed and focused platform that would allow them to express themselves and inform themselves as clearly and effectively as possible.

Just Limousines?

Limousine service quality can make or break the experience of those special events where we rely on the punctuality and professionalism of a limousine service. People spend enormous amounts of time and money planning those perfect graduations, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and so on, for their family and friends, knowing that these will be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. People want the best from every part of their elaborate (and expensive) plans; comfortable, stylish and punctual transport being one of the most important parts. This website fills the need for people to be able to get detailed quality reviews of all the limousine services available in their area.

What We Do

We provide a platform designed specifically around the factors that make or break a limousine service. Instead of trying to shoehorn the large review sites’ rating systems onto limousine services, we have designed a review system that allows detailed ratings of those factors that really matter. Our platform provides all of a limousine service’s contact details, as well as the area of service, price range, model availability, and much more. Our platform also ranks limousine services according to value, cleanliness/appearance, punctuality, service, and professionalism, as well as an area for more detailed and personalized reviews. This dedicated platform allows us to aggregate scores in a way that actually makes sense for limousine services, and makes choosing the right one for your occasion a simple and clear process.

Nothing Without You

As hard as we work, this website is nothing without its talented and passionate reviewers. We rely on the detailed and thoughtful feedback from the people that have actually experienced the service they are reviewing. It is easy for limousine service companies to put up a flashy website, but much harder for them to deliver consistent quality service. The only way customers have of knowing the quality of a service ahead of time is by relying on the experience of others. Review sites have exploded in popularity because they provide such useful information and help customers make informed choices. Sign up for a free account and get started reviewing today!